Jared Truby

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Jared Truby is the director of operations for Castle Coffee Roasters/The French Press in Santa Barbara where he manages all aspects of the business to improve quality, and maintain their coffee focused culture. He is passionate about the service industry and loves creating special experiences for each and every person who walks through his doors.

Jared is what you’d call a dreamer; he loves to observe, study, and figure out how things work, and is forever thinking on the best and most progressive ways to improve upon them. He commits 100% to anything he dives into and always hears that infamous Michael Jordan quote in the back of his head: “The minute I stop getting better is the minute I walk away from the game.” He applies this attitude and work ethic to coffee, business, surfing, being a father and a husband, and living life in general. Jared is happiest when he can be outdoors…or at Disneyland. He studies Disney’s operations and culture and believes no one does a better job at attention to detail, creating memorable experiences, and delivering the ultimate hospitality experience.

Prior to his time at The French Press, Jared was one of the founding pillars of Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz where he was Head of Retail for Northern California, coordinating events and managing all three Verve locations in Santa Cruz. Jared has been featured on the cover of Barista Magazine alongside his bro Chris Baca, has been a finalist in the United States Barista Championship, and has taken first place in the Western Regional Barista Championship.

He’s got your back, holler at him.