Chris Baca

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Chris Baca drives up and down the California coast in search of twisty roads with scenic views. He roasts coffee, pulls weird espresso that potentially only he enjoys, makes videos, writes, and makes coffee for the people of the world. He has a passion for education and enjoys sharing his love of coffee with all people, but especially with people brand new to specialty coffee. Coffee is a big part of his daily ritual and he thinks good coffee has the potential to change peoples lives…even if it’s just for a small moment in their day.

Chris has an affinity for American muscle cars and all makes of sports cars from the 90’s. Skateboarding is his first love, and there’s nothing more exciting to him than all night skate sessions with good friends in warm California weather. He likes shoes with fat tongues, wears vintage G-Shock watches, and isn’t scared of rocking double XL tees.

Chris is a three-time United States Barista Championship finalist, a Regional Barista Championship winner, and multiple-time regional finalist. He is also a Regional Brewers Cup champion, Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship winner, and has graced the cover of Barista Magazine alongside his tight bro, Jared Truby. In the past Chris has been heavily active in the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s trade guilds and served a two-year term on the Barista Guild of Americas Executive Council and helped set up the BGA’s inaugural educational barista camp.

He drinks Chartreuse neat, and will happily buy you a drink if you indulge in the same.